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Another Riverdale Season 2 Teaser has Been Released And OMG!

Riverdale season one left us with a few major cliffhangers. 

So we've been (not so patiently) waiting for any tidbits or new teasers that may bring answers. 

And it seems as the Season 2 debut looms nearer, the show is ramping up its presence.  

A fortnight ago we got a full length trailer for the second season.

But it's a second clip that was released overnight that has us in a tizzy!

It's just 30 seconds but it says so much. 

The clip begins with the Sheriff saying he has some 'tragic news to share' and ends with Archie holding a gun, so we definitely know this season all bets are off. 

Is Archie's dad alive? Why is Cheryl's mum fully bandaged in hospital? We thought she got out of the fire? Will Betty stay with Jughead if he's a Serpent? And what mess will Veronica's dad Haram stir when he arrives in Riverdale?

The full trailer (below) probably gives us more questions rather than answers. 

Bring on season 2!

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