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Apollo From The Bachelorette Is Actually Releasing A Song

If you’re as excited for the Bachelorette finale as I am, no doubt you have your favourite already picked out in your head.

I’m going to go ahead and hedge a bet that’s it either Apollo or Stu… not Jarrod.

Am I right?

Well, whatever the result this week, Apollo is set to come out as the winner, thanks to the release of his debut single.

Wow, how’s that for timing?

The 24-year-old, whose real name is Jake Spence, has offered little information about his secret song.

The only thing fans know is that he’s set to release a track called Addiction on iTunes, which he announced today.

Will the song be dedicated to Sophie? I guess Thursday night’s result will determine that juicy tidbit.

For the meantime, we only have the cover art to go off, which shows Apollo looking like a street cop from the mid-90s.


Bless him.

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