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Apple Have Realised Ladies Can Run Too With 100 New Emojis

Apple are taking their civic responsibility pretty seriously; the tech giants have announced a whole heap of new emojis, and they're all about equality.

And that means that the funky little running man will soon be joined by an equally funky running woman.

It’s not just athletics, either, with a veritable team of female swimmers, surfers, weight lifters and basketball players taking over your keyboard.

Woo for women in sports!

The new emoji will come a couple of months too late for the Olympics – they’re expected to launch with iOS 10, the latest operating system update due this spring – but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

The job emoji are getting a gender-balanced redo, too; say hello to both male and female police officers and construction workers, and a lady spy for when you’re feeling all Nancy Drew/ doing some serious Facebook creeping.

The sassy haircut lady now has a sassy haircut guy equivalent as well, and each of the new emoji will be available in a range of skin tones.

It’s not all about gender and skin colour this update; amid calls for stricter gun control laws in the US, Apple have replaced the gun emoji with a water pistol and have added a rainbow flag in support of marriage equality.

The update comes after the company opposed moves by Unicode, the international body in charge of standardisation, to introduce a rifle emoji to the keyboard options.

We’ve also got a bunch of new family groupings to look forward to – including a single dad set-up – and more realistic faces, according to news.com.au.

Fingers crossed the red dress dancing lady emoji gets a sexy salsa dancing partner.



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