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Arizona And April Are Leaving Grey's Anatomy & We Can't Deal

Two of our all-time favourite doctors, April (Sarah Drew) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), are leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. 


After nine and ten seasons respectively, the two characters have been central to multiple plotlines and tragedies throughout the show. 

According to E News the decision for the two characters to depart relates to season 15 and the creative direction the show producers want to go in. 

"The characters of Arizona and April are permanently woven into the fabric of Grey's Anatomy thanks to the extraordinary work of Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew," Krista Vernoff, co-showrunner and executive producer said in a statement.

"As writers, our job is to follow the stories where they want to go and sometimes that means saying goodbye to characters we love. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with these phenomenally talented actresses."

Honestly, if they kill off any more main characters we don't know how we'll be able to handle it. 

Show creator Shonda Rhimes also commented on the pair's departure. 

"It's always hard for me to say goodbye to any of my characters. Both Arizona Robbins and April Kepner are not only beloved but iconic—both the LBGTQ and devout Christian communities are underrepresented on TV," Rhimes said in a statement.

"I will be forever grateful to both Jessica and Sarah for bringing these characters to life with such vibrant performance and for inspiring women around the globe. They will always be a part of our Shondaland family."

h/t: E Online

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