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Aussie Mothers Warning After Incident With Her Child

An Australian mother, Stevie Niki, issued a warning to other Mums after her three-year-old daughter ‘overdosed’ on medication.

The three-year-old climbed up to the family medicine cupboard and consumed 20-30 melatonin capsules and six strepsils.

Stevie, who blogs on My Tribe Of Six, shared the story hoping that others could "learn from her mistake".

“You can never be too vigilant when it comes to your children but also remember accidents happen to all of us, even the most cautious”, she wrote.

Today she overdosed on prescription medication. Tonight I'm hugging her tight. I have quickly shared today's events on the blog as a diligent reminder to all parents and carers. Link in bio. Tell you what, this year so far I have managed to break my babies nose, lose my three year old in a shopping centre and now - have her overdose. Worst parent of the year award goes to me. Mamma guilt hitting hard here tonight. But I know I'm a good Mum, I love my kids and they love me, I try my best and sometimes I fail. Let it be a reminder to us all, these things can happen to us all. Tomorrow is a new day. #motherhoodblogger #mummyblogger #aussieblogger #mommyblogger #mumlife #threeyearold #threenanger #aussiemum #mumof4 #mumoffour

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Her daughter had moved a dining chair over to the other side of the kitchen after playing quietly with her siblings.

She then swallowed the pills, including the brightly-coloured strepsils which appeared to be lollies.

Stevie confessed in her blog that she was riddled with guilt after she asked her daughter what had happened to the medicine.

“They’re all in my tummy, Mummy”.

This is incredible scary. What a shocking and valuable lesson to learn!

They brang me breakfast in bed. It may have been McDonalds because im guilty of having not done the groceries yet this week (because procrastinating) BUT it was still food + coffee brought to me in my bed.. and really, is there anything better? I wouldnt want to be anywhere else, with anyone else. This is everything to me. These four rat bags, my best friend that i get to call my husband, hand made gifts, coffee and food. Spoilt is an understatement. Can you spot my wild child? And. Happy Mamma's Day to all the strong women beside me at the firing line on the battle field that is raising kids. To the Mamma's who are no longer fighting with us any more, you will carry your eternal battle within forever. Youre always going to be their Mamma and you're the strongest of our kind xo. PS. How cute are these PJ's Tayne + London are wearing that @snugglebum sent us. #mothersday #happymothersday #breakfast #brekkieinbed #coffee #sunday #mumlife #momlife #motherhood #parenting #motherhoodblogger #mummyblogger #aussiemum #aussieblogger #aussiemum #mommyblogger #uniteinmotherhood #umh_kids #inspiremotherood #motherhooduncut #motherhoodsimplified #motherhoodrising #momswithcameras #ig_motherhood #our_everyday_moments #childhoodunplugged #childhooduncensored #candidchildhood

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