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Australia, Have You Met Dacre Montgomery?

Hi Australia! {**waves**} I just wanted to introduce you to 22-year-old Aussie actor Dacre Montgomery.

You may be thinking, is she doing this because he's good looking? Well yes, BUT, hear me out... he's also got some insane acting chops!

You may not know who this guy is by name (yet), but he has been in a few films like the Power Rangers reboot and some b-grade "get-him-to-the-church-on-time" bachelor film called A Few Less Men.

Still not sure? Well you're about to get to know him and my bet is - he's the NEXT BIG THING!

What's He Up To Currently?

Currently, Dacre is starring in Stranger Things 2 as this absolute jerk named Billy. If you haven't seen it - I won't tell you anymore - but his performance is truly a stand out... I mean this mullet alone....


You have to hand it to him, his emotional range is outta control and his ability is well beyond his 22-years.

So He Has A Killer American Accent, But Isn't He Aussie?

So What's Next For Him?

There was some verrrrry interesting social media activity from our new friend Dacre over the past few days. 

It was a blink and you'll miss it type thang.

Dacre put this (look below) on all his socials, with just a short caption: "...", but now the originals have seemed to have mysteriously vanished! Poof! Almost as if he wasn't supposed to put it there... YET.......


Hmmmm... could we be seeing a new superhero Nightwing film??

If you've made it this far, you may as well see what else is great about this guy...


A post shared by Dacre Montgomery (@dacremontgomery) on


A post shared by Dacre Montgomery (@dacremontgomery) on

You're welcome.

Guys, I'm calling it right now. NEXT. BIG. THING.

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