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Australia Reacts To That HORRIFIC Bachelor Finale

Well we know it’s been rumoured for a long time. We’ve read all of the new evidence that was surfacing almost every single day. But still, we are completely and utterly SHOOK!

You know what we’re talking about. That god damn horrific Bachelor Finale.

We feel cheated. We wasted WEEKS becoming invested in the various love stories that Nick Cummins was spinning with the girls that were all so darn awesome anyone would be lucky to date them, only to have our time WASTED and have our Bachelor say “so I’m not ready to commit…”


And this is our reaction after just sitting on the couch in our PJs for the past few weeks with our glass of wine, so we can only imagine what all of these women are feeling after spending months living in the Bachie mansion.

Okay, we need to take a breath. We have to admit, it’s possible that Nick was feeling completely crushed about Brooke ditching him right before the finale. It’s possible that he really was going to choose her and therefore he couldn’t possibly choose one of the other girls if his heart wasn’t completely in it.

BUT if that was the case, why in the heck didn’t he tell Brittany and Sophie that?! He just said, 'Hey guys I can’t commit, even though this whole time I’ve told you I’m ready to commit'.

Okay we can’t go on about this anymore so instead we’re going to give you Australia’s reactions to the finale to the WORST season of The Bachelor EVER (although possibly also the best seeing as we can’t stop talking about it) through tweets. Enjoy!


We’ll get over this eventually. But only if Channel 10 agrees to make Brittany or Sophie the next Bachelorette!!

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