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The Gogglebox Stars Have Been Left STUNNED By This Show

It may be only three episodes in but the Real Housewives Of Sydney has already given our favourite Goggleboxers something to talk about.

With Lisa Oldfield marriage to her husband David looking like it is failing on the show, the Gogglebox critics couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

In a scene where David Oldfield moans about having to do the housework, suggesting Lisa doesn't pull her weight and saying she should ‘go jump on another broom,’ Goggleboxer Angie says “This is what I HATE about men when women work and they stay at home. It’s like, shut up!”

Later in the episode, Lisa seeks advice from her fellow housewife Victoria and breaks down about David continually ‘belittling her.’

The women of Gogglebox then unitedly say ‘’F**king get rid of him then, “Get. A. Divorce!’

Housemates Adam and Symon are left stunned too, saying “Wow. We’ve just seen a divorce happen on national TV.”

Gogglebox airs on Channel Ten on Thursday nights.

Meanwhile, Sydney art dealer Mick says what we’re all thinking: “I wonder if David’s watching?”

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