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Drunk Bachelor Star Given The Boot After Pooping Pants

A contestant on the US version of The Bachelor has been given the boot after going on a drunken rampage which ended with him pooping his pants.

Surprisingly enough, this wasn’t Chad Johnson’s first stint on the reality show.

The contestant first earned the title of ‘villain’ in the most recent series of The Bachelorette US.

But it was his antics while filming Bachelor In Paradise that really stole the show.

Need more Chad? Well tune in to #TheBachelorInParadise August 2nd for full throttle #Chadageddon.

A photo posted by Chad Johnson (@realchadjohnson) on

The 28-year-old was making out with fellow contestant Lace before things quickly turned sour.

As the pair began bickering, the ex-marine dropped the charm calling her a ‘b****’ before heading back to the living quarters were the real tirade began.

In a drunken rampage, he told the other contestants, “I’ll murder everyone here. I’ll kill your children and murder your family. Dolla, dolla bills, yo”.

Eventually the alcohol truly takes over and the reality star passes out.

And poops his pants.

At least that’s what his co-stars are claiming.

While you might all be thinking this is reality TV gold, it seems producers had had enough.

After an emergency meeting, the star was eliminated – but not before giving us one last tirade.

“You think this is all fun and games? This is my life,” he threw at host Chris Harrison.

“You’re going to sit here and try and make me look like a b***? F*** you, Chris Harrison. Come at me.”

Chad has since taken to Twitter to apologise saying he “did make a mistake” but “what are you going to do?”.

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