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Bachelor Star Keira Maguire Breaks Down Over Cult Upbringing

If you’re watching The Bachelor, no doubt you’ll probably view Keira as the semi-villainous one.

But what we didn’t know, is the heartbreaking reality of her childhood.

Over the past few days, rumours of Keira’s upbringing in a polygamous cult have circulated - but they had just remained rumours - until now.

Speaking out to The Project, Keira broke down in tears as she revealed that she didn’t know who her mother was until she was five years old.

She told The Project in an exclusive that she did not tell people - even boyfriends - about her unusual childhood with 63 siblings because she feared she would be judged.

'I didn't know who my mum was until I was five. It sounds strange, but it just is what it is,' Keira told the show.

'I didn't even have birthdays. I think I had my first birthday when I was seven. For other people, it might be really sad. But it's not, because it's my story.'

She was born at the cult’s Bells Beach commune in Victoria, which was controlled by messiah Laishkochav, who had a whopping 64 children to nine separate wives.

However, Keira’s mother, Michelle, fled the group with her six children in 1993 when Keira was just five-years-old.

'My mum would be devastated that they're showing this again,' Keira said, blinking back tears.

'When I saw my mum on TV, it was very confronting. That really upset me. I knew she didn't want to be there.

'She was the same age I am today when I saw her there. That was very confronting.'

'I kind of knew that I was different. I didn't want to tell people because I didn't want to be judged.

'Even in relationships with guys, I never opened up about it because I didn't want them to judge me because I'm not normal.'

'I knew this potentially might come out,' she said in a preview for the Channel 10 show.

'Everyone a past. I’ve always got this fear of people finding out.'

Seven years after Michelle fled the cult with her six children, Laishkochav was found guilty of sexually abusing four young girls.

The former policeman, whose real name is Ian Lowe, was jailed for more than seven years in 2000.

According to a report on the Daily Mail, he was found guilty of sexually penetrating a child under 10 as well as three counts of attempted penetration of a child and 16 counts of indecent assault.

Keira told Daily Mail Australia that she has never had a relationship with Laishkochav and said the depraved cult leader does not define who she is as a person.

'My mother removed my family from that environment when I was five years old, over 25 years ago,' she said.

'I was brought up by my mother and grandmother in Brisbane in a loving, caring and compassionate household.

'I had a wonderful childhood and I am extremely grateful to both my mother and grandmother for the upbringing which they provided me and my siblings.

Source: Daily Mail

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