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Bachelorette Intruders Revealed... And We're Not Happy

Two new hot Bachie's have just entered Georgia Love's lair and it's got us thinking... does every prospective Bachelor have to be a model!?

The latest intruder male model Matteo now brings the model count up to three. We're not counting fireman Cam because that calendar he shot was purely for charity...

Matteo hails from Florence Italy but now calls Sydney home and is apparently looking for a smart, interesting woman who loves simple things... tick, tick, tick. Does he like cats though?...because Georgia Love's cat Pawdrey Hepburn is bound to be picky. 

We can't help but be cynical about this latest Bachie. We're assuming his modelling shots *cough* topless waiter pics *cough* will soon leak, just like every other male model before him. 

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Matteo revealed resident mansion models, Rhys and Sam were a bit standoffish when he first entered the competition, but we're pretty sure the boys will quickly bond over their ability to pull off an impressive 'blue steel.' 

Source: Newtork Ten

We hoped second intruder Todd might be Georgia's perfect type, but were a little disappointed to hear the 26-year-old civil engineer has put his career on hold to follow his passion in music... UMMMM... please Bachie producers can we put someone in who's genuinely looking for love!? Is is just me, or does the latest batch of Bachie's just seem keen on pushing their careers!? 

Source: Network Ten

We give it one day before Matteo joins the likes of Rhys and Sam by having his topless pics leaked... 

And just incase you'd forgotten those pics... 


You're welcome. 

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