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Bec Hewitt Threatens To Take A ''Break'' From Lleyton!

It wasn't that long ago that were watching Bec Hewitt cry as Lleyton played his final game of professional tennis. 

Skip forward to now, and Bec Hewitt is said to have become anything but content with her husband's off-court behaviour

According to New Idea, Bec has become very worried about Lleyton's friendship with swimming champ Grant Hackett, who only a couple of weeks ago, was accused of assaulting a passenger mid-flight.

There are reports that Grant and Lleyton had been watching an AFL game at Adelaide Oval the night before the airplane incident occurred.

A friend of Bec revealed to new Idea that the former Home and Away star thought Grant and Lleyton being out on the town was ''recipe for disaster - and she was right.''

They went on to say that Bec is feeling the strain and ''feels a little alone at the moment and it's just like the old days, when Lleyton was on the tennis circuit and Bec was by herself with the kids.''

It is rumoured that Bec is ''livid'' over his involvement with grant.

The friend has also said that she has gone as far as telling her husband she is considering moving out of their Melbourne home and going to Sydney to get distance.

It's all kicking off!

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