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Bet You’ve Never Noticed This Sweet Detail At The End Of Elf

It’s Christmas time so that means it’s time to crack out the Christmas films and start a marathon. Number one on your Christmas binge list is most likely the Will Ferrell classic, Elf! 


The beauty about watching a film over and over and over again is noticing new details that you previously didn’t pick up on. Elf is one of those movies that just keeps on getting better with age and a Twitter user has recently pointed out something very sweet about the ending of the film. 

In case you haven’t seen the film in a while, let me give you a quick recap. Buddy (Will Ferrell), son of Susan Wells and Walter Hobbs, was given up for adoption and as a baby snuck into Santa’s sack! Upon being discovered by Santa and his elves, he was raised in the North Pole and believed himself to be an elf. 

Eventually, Buddy discovers that he was adopted and is not actually an elf! After being shown a picture of his parents, it’s revealed that his mother has already passed away. Determined to meet his dad, Buddy takes an adventure to New York! While in New York he annoys business men, eats a whole lot of sugar, saves Christmas, and falls in love. 


At the end of the film we see that Buddy has had a child named Susie. Commonly Susie is a nickname for Susan! Buddy named his daughter after his mother! 

It’s the sweetest and most precious thing ever! This somehow makes an already fantastic movie even better. 


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