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Betty Cooper's Ponytail Actually Holds A Secret Message

Remember that line in Mean Girl's when Damien says that Gretchen Weiner's hair was so big because it was full of secrets?


Well it seems that this is literally the case with Riverdale's resident Nancy Drew as it has just been revealed that Betty Cooper's hair holds some serious secrets about the plot in each episode.

That's right, that tight ponytail is much more than the girl next door look. According to Lili Reinhart herself, who plays the beloved character, we should all be keeping a close eye on Betty's updo if we want a clue about what might be about to happen.

"When it comes to having her hair down or lower, like a lower pony, it's usually reflective of her mental state," said Reinhart in an interview with Glamour.

"As Betty evolves, and whatever she's going through in her personal life, it's seen on her hair."

And now that we think about it, it's actually true! Take for example all of the time's that Betty is happy and hanging out with her Beau Jughead or her friends. The ponytail remains on top of her head in a nice neat fashion.

But if we think back to the episode where Betty and Veronica torture Chuck or more recently when Betty is deciding whether she should join the Serpent's to be closer with Jughead, her hair is completely down (or in a black wig...). Either way the good girl, ponytail look is completely gone!

Lili gives her own example from episode five of the second season when Betty is contacted by the black hood for the first time.

"It was important to me that by the end of the episode, Betty's hair was completely down, just because that perky girl next door facade was gone and faded and hollowed out," she said.

"That's why I had a low pony and a low bun in that episode, because she wasn't putting in any effort into her appearance. She obviously had bigger fish to fry in the moment."

And she also added that as season 2 continues, we'll see less and less of Betty's good side and more of her dark, messy side taking over.

So next time you're watching Riverdale and you're waiting on the edge of your seat to see whether something good or bad is about to happen, just take a sneaky peak at Betty's hair.

If it's neat, the gang may only have to deal with something minor like the serpent's joining Riverdale high (because that sort of chaos really is minor in a place like Riverdale) and if it's messy, well then you know that shit is about to go DOWN!

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