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Blake Lively Is UNRECOGNISABLE As Blind Woman In New Movie

In a world where Blake Lively always plays the blonde beauty, it’s bizarre to see her playing anything but in a movie of a distinctively darker nature.

In the new movie, ‘All I See Is You’, Blake plays a wife who has lost her sight.

It seems innocent enough at first, but the trailer shows that it lives up to its description of a psychological thriller.

Blake also has dark hair in this flick, and couldn’t be further away from the preppy Serena Van Der Woodsen, or ‘damsel in distress’ character she plays so well.

Here’s the synopsis for the flick: The story of a blind woman (portrayed by Blake Lively) and her husband (Jason Clarke).

When her sight unexpectedly returns, she begins to discover the previously unseen and disturbing details about themselves, their marriage, and their lives.

Source: Elite Daily

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