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Caitlyn Jenner Left Out Of Kylie’s Entire Pregnancy Video

This morning Kylie Jenner released a video documenting her pregnancy over the last 9 months.

It was a beautiful look into a world that we were left out of for the sake of the health of her baby. It was a bold move, with the potential to go wrong, but she pulled it off, as even until today, people may have suspected - but nobody was sure that she was in fact pregnant.

When her whole life was in the spotlight, she felt that for the health of her daughter, it was important to keep the pregnancy under wraps.

A noble move.

The video is an incredible, unscripted look into what life has been life underground, and doesn’t reflect the constant rumours that have been flying around for almost a year now.


The other noticeable absence, was her father - Caitlyn Jenner.

Not once does Caitlyn feature in the 11-minute video, a detail that hasn’t been missed by eagle-eyed fans. Almost every other member of the family features… even Kanye, Tristan’s family - even Rob!

But no matter where you look, no Caitlyn. This could be because of the rumours flying around that Caitlyn was not approving of the pregancy… or that the relationship between the two of them isn’t good.

No matter what the reason, we hope for the sake of their little girl that she has more of an active role in her grand daughter’s life.

Caitlyn has also been silent on social media since Kylie's announcement - yet, Kris has already posted her joy, twice.

💕 #repost @kyliejenner ❤️

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