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Cards Against Humanity Now Has A Disney Version - Maybe.

Cards Against Humanity is one of the most epic adult games to come out since, well, Monopoly. 

For those who are not so savvy with how the game works, it's a party game for "horrible people"... more like - for FUN PEOPLE.

There are rumours that the game giant are now releasing a Disney version and we cannot wait.

With such fun cards as: "Me, Tarzan. You,____" and "Let it go. Let it go. ______never bothered me anyway", you can already start imagining the dirty possibilities.

It's pure GENIUS.

Their official Facebook page hasn't put out the word yet, however, there was a post on the "Cards Against Humanity: Disney Edition" Facebook page...which has since been taken down...

Some sneaky insta user screenshotted the pics for your enjoyment...

Disney version of Cards Against Humanity!! 😂😂 #cah #cardsagainsthumanity #disney #lol

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If this becomes legit...gather your friends to your house, kids. This could be epic.

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