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Chris Brown Sued By Woman Claiming She Was Raped At His Home

Chris Brown is facing a new load of legal drama after an unidentified woman sued him, claiming that she was raped at his house by one of his friends and was forced to give oral sex to a woman who was menstruating.

The woman, who is suing the singer as a Jane Doe, claims that she was invited to a party by Chris Brown in February 2017 where he allegedly supplied a variety of illicit substances including cocaine, ecstasy and weed. She also says that her phone was taken from her by Chris’ team at the start of the night.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Doe claims that a female friend of Chris’ forced a bunch of women into a room and blocked the door with a lounge. This friend allegedly forced the women to hook up with Chris and a second man, Lowell Grissom.

Doe has hired Gloria Allred as her legal representative, and Allred claims that her client tried to leave the situation but Chris’ female friend grabbed her by the throat and forced her to perform oral sex on Grissom.

It’s also alleged that this female friend then forced doe onto a bed and held her down while forcing her to perform oral sex on her as well. Doe claims that the woman was menstruating at the time.

Doe claims that she went into the bathroom after this to clean herself up but Grissom followed her into the bathroom and allegedly raped her. According to the legal documents, Doe also claims to have been raped a second time that night by Grissom after he pushed her up against a washing machine.

Doe claims that she sought help from a rape treatment centre and reported the incident to police.

Chris Brown and his friend Lowell Grissom have not yet made any comments about the allegations.

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