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Chris Hemsworth Reveals Truth About Liam and Miley’s Wedding

This morning Kyle and Jackie O spoke to the ever hunky Thor, I mean Chris Hemsworth.

The Aussie actor has just moved back to Byron Bay with his family, in a bid to keep them out of the Los Angeles limelight.

They spoke about his new movie, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, and working with Charlize Theron.

Chris described her as a “pleasure” to work with and touched on her recent comments that she struggled to get on with co-star Tom Hardy during filming Mad Max: Fury Road.

He said “she was a force, she was one of the boys, I didn’t have any trouble.”

Then, the inevitable question came: did Liam and Miley get married in Byron Bay over New Years as reported?

“I read that too, it was a surprise to me.”

“It didn’t even happen!” he laughed.

Well, I guess that settles that then…

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