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Chrissy Teigen Claps Back At 'Witch' Who Shamed Her For IVF

On social media Chrissy Teigen is Queen.

Her honest and candid opinions are splashed over her personal accounts, from real-life mummy drama to loved up pics with her husband, singer John Legend. 

But with it comes trolls...

The 31-year-old clapped back at one such troll today and we can't applaud her enough. 

It seems that a second child might be on their minds, as Chrissy excitedly told Entertainment Tonight "a little boy is next for sure" while on the Red Carpet for the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night.

But when she took to twitter later on to clarify why she thought their next child would be a son, she faced a comment that hit a nerve.

Teigen has been transparent about her and John's struggle to conceive naturally.

After years and years of trying, she gave birth to their first child together Luna in 2016 with the help of IVF. 

And considering this certain troll has taken aim at Chrissy on a number of occasions, we can't help but think that she was trying to push a nerve. 

Let's hope we one day get to meet Chrissy and John's son and they are given the opportunity to round out their adorable little family. 

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