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'Commando' Defends Michelle Bridges: DV Affects Men Too

The Biggest Loser's Steve "The Commando" Willis has jumped to back up his partner Michelle Bridges on her comments against violence.

Bridges appeared on Studio 10 this week and said violence against men was just as bad as violence against women and children.

Some of her fellow hosts on the show disagreed with her, saying that violence against women and children was more of an issue that needed to be addressed.

Co-host Jessica Rowe claimed that broadening the focus from domestic violence on women and children can 'muddy the issue'.

But Bridges stood her ground saying violence is violence, regardless of what gender is the victim.  

"I'm anti violence against humanity, all genders," Bridges told AAP on Wednesday.

The couple were at an event in Sydney to launch Who magazine's most Intriguing people issue at Ananas Bar in The Rocks.

Willis was quick to jump in and back up his partner on the issue.

"It's an interesting subject and topic with women and men, and finding that gender balance," he said..

Willis also asked why we have to categorise between women and men on the issue, backing up the stance Bridges had taken.

"What about in same-sex relationships, the violence in same-sex relationships? If there is violence in same-sex relationships that's two men," he said.

Bridges, who is due to give birth to the couple's fist child together in five weeks, went on the explain their ethos on the subject.

"We're just anti violence: children, adults, male, female, even animals," she said.

Both agreed it was good that the topic was just being discussed.

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