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Debra Messing Just Slammed E! News Over Gender Pay Gap

You may have seen this morning that Hollywood’s biggest female - and some male - heavyweights, have joined together on the Golden Globes red carpet to protest gender inequality.

Almost every person that attended the red carpet dressed all in black to join in unison over the issues, which tie in with the #TimesUp initiative, that’s designed to encourage women to speak out over sexual abuse and discrimination they’ve encountered.

It seems it wasn’t just about the dress code, those who joined in on the movement also had a message to share; and Debra Messing delivered hers in the most awkward of ways.

During an interview with Giuliana Rancic and E! News, Messing brought up the reason she was wearing black and took the opportunity to take a major swipe at E! News after hearing that there was pay disparity between men and women there, too.

The camera then stopped panning out to include Giuliana, who no doubt felt awkward about where the conversation went, and stayed focused on Messing.


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