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Delta’s Doing One Thing That’s REALLY Getting To Everyone

Delta Goodrem has been copping it from Voice fans ever since the popular singing show returned to screens. First it was her 'bulls**t theatrics' during The Voice's Blind Auditions, now the songstress has sent sent social media into a spin after more extravagant antics on the reality show.

During Sunday night's show, the singer was seen dramatically turning her chair with her feet, enraging viewers. Delta waited until the last minute to spin around when duo Sean and Molly took to the stage, using her foot to press the all-important buzzer. 

'Delta just push the friggin' button with ur hand like a normal person' one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another angry user added, 'Just sit on the chair properly Delta FFS. Don't use your foot to press the buzzer'

Another tweeted: 'Are Delta's hands broken?'

Delta was criticised last week for flirting with handsome contestant Tim Conlon. She's also copped a backlash for apparently name dropping... we can't help but feel a bit sorry for Delta. It seems she can't do anything right.  


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