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Demi Lovato Gets Real During iHeartRadio Album Release Party

Want to know what it's like to spend a Saturday night with Demi Lovato?

Lovatics got their chance to experience their queen live during the iHeartRadio Album Release Party with Demi Lovato on Saturday, October 7th in the US.

The launch was to celebrate the pop star's brand new album Tell Me You Love Me, and is Demi's sixth studio album, following from 2015's Confident.

The new record features twelve new songs, including singles like "Sorry Not Sorry," the title track, and a collaboration with Lil Wayne called "Lonely."

Demi kicked off her intimate show, at the iHeartRadio Theater NYC with her hit "Cool For The Summer" off her previous album, amping up every last Lovatic in the room.

During the second song of the night, gorgeous piano ballad "Stone Cold," Demi's voice cracked a bit towards the end, pausing to say "f*** I don't know what to do" -- except Demi knew exactly what to do and powered through the end of the song like a champ.

Because despite any vocal issue throughout the show, she sounded like a damn angel. 

"That's what we call not lip syncing," she said afterwards.

"Sometimes I have moments where I feel, like, awesome, that came off great and I'm really proud of it, and it's fun for me to sing. Other times, I don't always hit the notes, and it's like, damn."

It's that raw honesty that draws you into Demi, especially for her loyal fans.

She said, "I have no filter day to day in my normal life when I'm not on stage. I have no filter on stage either, and I think that's the way to go because it just creates an honest relationship with my fans and I. There's a connection that I have with my fanbase that I don't think a lot of artists have with their fanbases. It's incredibly special, and I think it's because of that honestly."

After some encouragement from her fans, Demi performed the last three songs of the night, "Confident," "Sorry Not Sorry," and "Tell Me You Love Me," the title track from her new album. At the beginning of the night, she told Elvis about the song in relation to naming the album after it, "I feel like this song was one of the most vulnerable and raw songs on the album. And this album is soulful, raw and vulnerable, so I wanted something to represent it."

Here are some other facts we learned during Demi Lovato's iHeartRadio Album Release Party:

1. Tell Me You Love Me took longer than any other album she's ever made. 

"I don't know about other artists, but for me, when I started in this industry, my first two albums were made very quickly within, like, two months, each album. Then, as I got older, my albums started taking, maybe, six months, or a little bit longer than that. But this time, I really took my time with it because I wanted my sound to be really authentic, and make sure that every single song on there I'm proud of."

2. She's considering releasing singles every so often, as opposed to waiting to put together an entire albumin order to share new music.

"Some people crank out songs every week, and they just release them, which is totally cool, and something that I actually want to start doing. Just releasing music, not every week, but releasing new music and letting it live a little bit, rather than waiting for a whole album."

3. Lovatics will get an inside look into Demi's personal and professional life in her upcoming documentarySimply Complicated -- including a night at out LA's Emo Nite.

"It actually wasn't that difficult, it was very comfortable, and because I'm so honest all the time, it didn't feel like I was doing anything that was out of my comfort zone. Yes, it was awkward with cameras at first, but I got used to it, and my friends got used to it, and now you get to see an inside look at my life, personally and professionally." She adds, "There's thing called Emo Nite that I've been to in LA, and it shows that, which is fun."

Listen to non-stop Demi, all day long here! Only on iHeartRadio.

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