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Dreamworld Welcomes Two White Tiger Cubs!

Gold Coast theme park Dreamworld has welcomed two blue-eyed, white tiger cubs to the facility's big cat family.

The 15-week-old cubs arrived in Australia this week after being transferred from Japan as part of Dreamworld's partnership with Hirakawa Zoo.

The pair take the tally of cubs at Dreamworld's Tiger Island facility to five, with seven-month-old Kai and his siblings Adira and Akasha already a part of the park's attraction.

To handle the baby boom, Dreamworld is constructing a Tiger Cub Kindy playground near the main Tiger Island facility.

Dreamworld chief executive Craig Davidson expects the new cubs to play a key role in helping the park's tiger program raise awareness of the plight of tigers in the wild.

"It's fantastic to secure the long term future of tigers at Tiger Island and see the return of white tigers to Dreamworld," Mr Davidson said.

"White Tigers have lived long and happy lives at Tiger Island since 1995 and we still have their descendants here today."

The cubs, who are yet to be named, will be revealed to the public on Friday in their purpose-built quarantine facility.


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