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Dylan Sprouse Is A PSYCHOPATH In Horrifying New Trailer

Dylan Sprouse has stayed out of the acting spotlight for some time while his twin brother, Cole, erupted all over our screens with his portrayal as Jughead in Riverdale. Now it seems that Dylan is ready to give his bro a run for his money with his starring role in the thriller Dismissed.

In the film, Dylan plays Lucas Ward, a high-achieving, clean-cut high school kid who will do anything to the get the grade he desires! He makes his intentions clear and all seems well until he receives a B+ from one of his teachers. This is where things become dark and dangerous.

Interested? Check out the trailer below:

Dismissed first premiered at the San Diego Film Festival earlier this month and is set to be release on digital platforms and on-demand video on November 21.

Who doesn’t love a good movie about an unhinged teen?


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