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Elvis Presley's Paper Cup Fetches Over 3K

What would you do with a cool $3K if it was pocket change? Maybe you would buy a new computer or the latest gadget?

Well one person in London, decided that $3K was worth spending on a paper cup...from six decades ago!

According to TMZ, the owner of the Icon Hotel in Luton, England; Franco Anacreonte, bid and won a vintage paper cup once used by the King himself, Elvis Presley.


With a winning bid of $3,300, the cup dates back to Elvis' 1956 tour stop in Tulsa, where it ended up in the hands of an adoring fan.

"The cup was supposedly taken from him at his hotel by a woman named June who then kept it in a box with his autographed picture for decades", TMZ reported.

The guy who was selling it (undisclosed) was aiming for a cool $1,000 so it was pretty incredible that he ended up with triple the asking price!

Would you spend that much on Elvis Presley memorabilia?

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