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Eric Bana Is Unsettling In 'Dirty John' Trailer

It’s considered one of the best true-crime podcasts since Serial.

Dirty John documents the whirlwind romance of Debra Newell and con-man John Meehan after meeting on an over-50s dating site in 2014 – a romance that turned very dark, very quickly.

Now, an adaptation has been created for Netflix.



Eric Bana plays the deeply unsettling John and Connie Britton plays Debra.

Without giving too much away, two months after their awkward first date, the pair moved in together. They married – secretly – a short time later, just as Deb’s family began to grow suss of John.  

After hiring a private investigator, Debra’s children realised that John had spent years in prison for various crimes and had restraining orders taken out against him by multiple women.

The premiere date is yet to be announced... so, for now, check out the trailer up top.

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