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Everything You Thought You Knew About The Lion King Is A LIE

If you thought Mufasa's harrowing death scene was the most upsetting thing about The Lion King then think again; it turns out the film's creators have been lying to us this entire time and we're not okay.

The world-tilting confession came in an interview with the hit Disney's movie's director Rob Minkoff and producer Don Han, who had to break it to Hello Giggles that Mufasa and Scar weren't, in fact, brothers.


"[While making the movie] we talked about the fact that it was very likely [they] would not have the same parents," Hahn admitted. "The way lions operate in the wild... when the male lion gets old, another rogue lion comes and kills the head of the pride.

"What that does is it causes the female lions to go into heat [to reproduce], and then the new younger lion kills the kind and then he kills all the babes.

"Now he's the new lion that's running the pride."


This is even worse than when Bambi's mum died. What are you DOING to us?

He continued: "There was always this thing about well, how do you have these two [male lions]?

"Occasionally there are prides that do have two male lions, in an interesting dynamic because they're not equals.

"One lion will always kind of be off in the shadows.

"We were trying to use those animal truths to underpin the story so we sort of figured Scar and Mufasa couldn't really be from the same gene pool."

Next you're going to tell us Cinderella's slippers weren't actually made of glass.


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