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Ex I’m A Celebrity Star Sues Channel 10

Former I’m a Celebrity star and US comedian Tom Arnold, has officially filed a lawsuit against the Ten network.

Mr Arnold is claiming that, the network defrauded him into blocking off his summer work schedule for a comedy tour that didn’t go ahead.

According to News Limited, Arnold signed up for both his appearance on I’m a Celebrity and a follow up comedy tour for a total of $US425,000.

Specifically, Arnold claims that Ten signed him up to ‘I’m A Celebrity’ with the promise of an Australian comedy tour to compensate for the “significant personal inconvenience and hardship to its celebrity participants”.

But the tour never went ahead, causing him to sue both Network Ten and A-List Entertainment for fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation and breach of oral contract.

Arnold's Lawyer, Marty Singer explained “It was agreed orally and confirmed in writing that the guaranteed compensation to be paid for the two engagements — as a package — would be $425,000,”

“Plaintiffs agreed to the deal and blocked off Arnold’s schedule in prime summer months when he typically receives his best engagements and highest compensation.”

In response to the allegation, Network Ten has said that “All amounts owed to Tom Arnold by Network Ten have been paid. We have fully discharged all our obligations to Tom Arnold. And we have received no notice of any legal proceedings.”

Despite this Arnold is continuing with his lawsuit also claiming that his portrayal on I’m A Celebrity was inaccurate, due to negative editing.

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