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Fireman Cam's BIZARRE Comment About Lee’s ‘Secret Child'

This week, two of the Bachelorette favourites were sent packing. Australia was devastated, especially about gorgeous ‘Fireman Cam’, or ‘Mr. May’, as he was affectionately coined.

However, during his exit interview with NW, Cam addressed the rumours that he has children and then said something that left everyone scratching their heads.

'I have told the 110 per cent truth, I have no kids. But did Lee tell you about his child? Nope? Okay.’

It's not understood what compelled the Perth fireman to make the bizarre comment about his fellow contestant, but he did later clarify his remarks.

Speaking to Yahoo Be, the 26-year-old said: 'What? No, I don't think I said that.' 'I'm losing my voice, so I'm probably not sounding right,' he justified, adding: 'I probably meant to say "kiss" or something like that and said it all wrong.'

'I should look into this, maybe I'll call Lee and see if he's got a kid!' Cameron joked.

Hmmm… okay?

Does 35-year-old Lee have a secret child?

I guess only time will tell.

Source: Daily Mail

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