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Fleetwood Mac To Reunite For New World Tour

How good is this news big Mac fans?

The classic mid-70's lineup of Fleetwood Mac will be hitting the road for another tour.

The band has been on a break while Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie promote their new album, and Stevie Nicks worked on her solo projects.

Christine McVie appeared on The One Show this week and revealed that the band have big plans for 2018 in the works.

McVie told presenter Alex Jones:

"We're going to start rehearsing in March, next year,"  

"The tour is around June. It will be global."

There had been concern about whether the group would reunite after Nicks expressed mild annoyance that McVie and Buckingham would record their duets album without her.

Nicks recently told Rolling Stone:

"I've been on the road [solo] since last September, so I don't understand their premise,"

"Christine was gone [from the group] for 16 years and came back, did a massive tour, and then it's like, 'Now I'm just gonna go back to London and sit in my castle for two years'?

"I will be back with them at the end of the year for, I think, another tour. I just needed my two years off. Until then, I wish them the best in whatever they do."

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