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Mark Ruffalo Accidently Live Streamed The Thor Premiere


It seems 2500 people had a sneak peek of Thor: Ragnarok before it has hit cinemas all because one of the actors Mark Ruffalo live streamed part of the movie from his pocket. 

Okay, so it was only the audio, but still! MAJOR faux pas. 

The mistake happened after Ruffalo allegedly forgot to turn off his Insta Stories Broadcast after taking a video of the large crowd at the film's official premiere. 

We're guessing someone eventually gave him the heads up of his mistake because he looked quite sheepish before he stopped the broadcast. 

Taking over @enews Instagram Story tonight for the #ThorRagnarok⚡️ premiere! Stay tuned! 🤘

A post shared by Mark Ruffalo (@markruffalo) on

At least it wasn't on the E News! feed - A lot more than 2.5k would have cottoned onto that! 

I guess we really are all human. 

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