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Georgia Love Posts Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Mum

It was an unfair and heartbreaking twist, when Australia’s Bachelorette Georgia Love, tragically lost her mum to cancer the night following the Bachelorette finale.

At just 28-years-old, it was something no-one should have to endure.

And Georgia Love's mother was clearly on her mind on Wednesday, as the reality star shared a moving black and white image in which she's by her mum's side.


The 28-year-old captioned the image, which was shared to her Instagram Story: 'Miss you extra amounts today'.

Georgia’s mother was only 60 when she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer after moving into palliative care in late October last year.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph Georgia admitted the death put strain on her new romance with Lee Elliott.

Miss you extra amounts today. I'd give absolutely anything to share a wine and a giggle with you again 💔

A post shared by GEORGIA LOVE (@georgiealove) on

Opening up, Georgia said: 'It's made our relationship really hard. He's the one who has to cop it when I'm having a bad day. He's the one who's there as I break down.'

'He was there every step of the way. Nothing will ever take that away. That's something that makes me even more in love with him. In so many ways it brought us very close.'

Source: Daily Mail

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