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Georgie Leaves Karl In The Studio For Fire Ravaged Bushland

Viewers of the Today show this morning have turned on to discover that Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner aren't working together.

Georgie is out on location following the devastating bushfires that have ravaged parts of NSW and Victoria, while Karl has remained in the studio where he has been joined at the desk by newsreader Deb Knight.

This move follows Karl and his brother Peter being forced to issue an apology to Georgie after a heated conversation the pair had while in an Uber was leaked to the media where it's claimed they said that Gardner was a 'fence-sitter' who needed to take a stance on issues otherwise he would be looking for a new co-host.

When the pair returned to work yesterday the issue wasn't referred to directly, but during a 
segment on the show featuring some puppies, Karl sarcastically called the dogs “menacing”

Georgie fired back at Stefanovic, “Well, it’s probably about now I should call you pathetic.”


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