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Gogglebox Buddies Adam & Symon Drop A Little Known Secret

The magic of Gogglebox is, without a doubt, the families; from Anastasia and Faye's outrageous dirty remarks to Lee and Keith's adorable long-running romance, any television show becomes 10 times funnier when we're watching with them.

But we don't mind admitting that Adam and Symon are our favourites thanks to their easy friendship, larrikin banter and ridiculous socks.

Turns out that the pair, who met at university, have been keeping something from us, though; in an interview with Popsugar, Symon admitted that all is not as it seems at the house.

"Maybe the one thing they wouldn't know is that we don't actually live together," Symon revealed. 

"Adam has just very sneakily copied one of my keys so he always ends up on my couch when I get home from work - and the pantry has curiously always been raided."

The confession shouldn't come as a massive surprise to long-time viewers of the show, who may remember that the two boys actually filmed the very first series of the much-loved reality series in Symon's mum's house.

When Symon moved out, though, Adam followed - now with his own key!

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