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Nicole Kidman Wins Best Performance By An Actress

The first award of the 75th Annual Golden Globes has been presented and it has gone to none other, than "Our Nic", Nicole Kidman!

In a win that has surprised precisely no-one, Nicole has taken out this is Nicole's fourth win for her poignant performance as an abused wife in the hit HBO drama, Big Little Lies.

Firstly, Nic thanked her "two daughters" Sunday and Faith (but again...not her other children Isabella and Connor...).

The significance of the win is magnified by the fact that the Globes is being used as a platform to combat sexual abuse and harassment after multiple recent Hollywood scandals, with Kidman and the industry's other elite actors wearing black gowns and suits.

Nic also dedicated the award to her mother who was in the women’s movement and spoke of her role in the show which is something we are all talking about right now.

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