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Ed Westwick Responds To Rape Allegations From Actress

Ed Westwick is in the spotlight this morning - but not for reasons he’d like to be.

The Gossip Girl star has been accused of rape, by LA actress Kristina Cohen, who is best known for her performances in Greek and Californication.

She took to instagram to explain ‘her own story of sexual assault’ and within that, references Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass.

She describes the time as a ‘dark time in her life’, when she was briefly dating a producer who was friends with actor Ed Westwick.


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Kristina alleged she was at Westwick’s house one time when he suggested they ‘should all f*ck’. It was at that point Kristina said she felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

Ed insisted they stay for dinner, but Cohen was tired - so Ed suggested she nap in the guest room and the producer said they would stay for 20 minutes you smooth everything over and then leave.

Come back pretty doggy

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Kristina then fell asleep and says she awoke to find “Ed on top of me, his fingers entering my body.” It was then that Kristina alleges Ed held her down and raped her.

She then talks about the shame that followed. The fact that she was made to feel responsible and was told not to tell anyone, for fear of being ‘that girl’.

She says the producer also told her that ‘Ed would have people come after her and destroy her.’

Ed Westwick has responded via his personal Twitter with a short and simple message.

‘I do not know this woman. I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape.’

Something tells me this is far from over.

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