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Why This Couple Are Asking The Public To Name Their Baby

A couple are reaching out to the public for help with naming their eighth child, after losing their daughter to cot death just last year.

The new baby boy is Jemma Roberts’ eighth baby, after Lauren, Adam, Rhys, Theo, Kian, Khai - and Sydney-May, who died from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in December last year, when she was three months and four days old.


Jemma and her partner Steve, from the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, have still yet to name their newest addition, who they welcomed on October 24th, as they say ‘nothing compares’ to the name of the daughter they lost last year.

They have three names in contention, but have asked friends, family and strangers to help them narrow it down to one - Loki, Chay and Tate are all potential names.

Jemma told UNILAD; ‘I’m finding it so hard to name him as I loved Sydney’s name so much nothing is matching that and all my boys as you can see are four letters long so I’m trying to keep that going too. I asked for help because I needed some new ideas, I drew a blank. I knew I was having a boy from when I was 16 weeks pregnant.


A few names cropped up but his Dad and I have not agreed on any as of yet. I did give it a rest hoping a name would just jump out at me when I saw his face for the first time but nothing I just see perfection in a tiny bundle.’ Loki was Steve’s favourite choice, Tate is Jemma’s preferred name – and Chay was picked by Gemma’s eldest son, Adam.

The family have now dedicated themselves to helping people understand SIDS, both how to prevent it and how to cope with it.

Jemma set up the Sydney-May Trust to not only raise awareness of SIDS, but to provide important equipment for parents who can’t afford it.


‘Losing Sydney shattered my heart, I couldn’t even begin to explain what losing a child does to you. I’ve never missed a day visiting her resting place she has a beautiful Disney castle protecting her.

I set up the Sydney-May Trust to help raise awareness and provide potential life saving Snuza monitors for parents who struggle to pay for them and I also am in the process of buying four headstones for babies that haven’t got one,’ Jemma told UNILAD.

Our thoughts and prayers are with this beautiful family.

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