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How Two Of Our Grey’s Anatomy Favourites Will Leave Forever

By Isabella Lovric

As we all know by now, Grey's Anatomy will be saying goodbye to two veteran cast members, Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew at the end of the season.

With two fan favourites preparing to leave, we're really starting to wonder if we should prepare ourselves for some kind of tragic death. 

Because this is Grey's Anatomy that we are talking about...

Ellen Pompeo, who stars as Meredith Grey, opened up about the departures of the two stars and how the last day of filming was difficult for everyone. 

"I mean because everything is the last, right? It's the last time they'll do this, it's the last time they'll do that. It's the last time they'll rehearse and it's really emotional," Ellen told ET.

"We're a family and they were both on the show for nine and 10 years. Grey's is such an iconic show.

"Everybody who's ever been on the show is meaningful to the show, right? Everybody's meaningful to the fans."

As the season comes to an end, Pompeo assured Grey's fans that Capshaw's and Drew's departures won't come to a horrific end. 


"You only get killed off when your behaviour is bad. If you're a nice actor, you die nice," Pompeo said 

Pompeo also said she was shocked when she first found out that the stars would be leaving at the end of the 14th season.  

"My first reaction was, 'What? What do you mean? Why?' And then you go through levels and stages of grief. It's hard for them, it's hard for us, it's hard for the writer who had to make the choice, who had to make the creative decision," Pompeo said

"You have to try to support the girls. It's just not easy for anyone, but I don't want to make it about me. It's about them and I just tried to be just as supportive as I could be to everyone involved."

As the end of the season comes closer, Pompeo said it will be a "classic Grey's finale".

"It's gonna be devastating. And then we're gonna pull you out of devastating and make you smile," she assured.

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