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Hugh Hefner’s Widow Set To Inherit NOTHING In His Will

If you’re a Playboy bunny, it goes without saying that if you wanted that centrefold position, Hef was the man you needed to impress most.

If you were lucky enough to marry Hef, well, you were a mark above the rest - and Crystal Harris was the lucky lady, after his previous three girlfriends, including Holly Madison, were not proposed to by Hef.

However, it’s been revealed that his beloved Crystal isn’t going to benefit from Hef’s passing as much as some may have thought. Reports state the 31-year-old is set to inherit NOTHING following the 91-year-old’s death.

Harris is thought to have signed a prenuptial agreement and is believed to have never been added the magnate’s £40 million will, The Sun reports.

However, she will reportedly be “looked after” following the magazine magnate’s death, reports US Weekly.

Hef died at his LA home of natural causes last night, Playboy said in a statement.

Source: news.com.au

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