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Is MAFS Nasser Married? Old Footage Suggests So...

Hold on a minute!

Married At First Sight's Nassar has been played off as the 'eternal bachelor' on this season of the show, who is struggling to let new wife Gabrielle into his life. 

But old footage of Nassar on an episode of Pawn Stars Australia has us questioning EVERYTHING!!!

In the first season of the show, according to old footage dug up by the Daily Mail, the man himself can be seen bartering over a set of kids' toys with the money set to go to 'help pay for his children's education'. 


And while his first offer of $300 was rejected by the Pawn Stars, he eventually settled on $240 - but it was his response that floored us. 

"$240 and you got a deal, my wife's gonna kill me," he said. 

So what is it? Eternal bachelor? Or married / divorced with kids? 

You may also recognise one of the mainstays on the Australian version of Pawn Stars, Ben. 

In the latest MAFS season he was Nasser's homestay. 

So many questions... 

h/t: DailyMail.co.uk

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