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Jaime King's 4YO Son Injured In Car Attack As Paps Look On

Jaime King has opened up on Instagram about a terrifying car attack that occurred yesterday involving her four year old son. 

It has been reported that while Jaime's son James and a family friend were in a car, a man approached and continued to jump on the boot, smashing the rear window glass and attempted to get to the boy. 

Jaime was not in the car at the time but has praised the actions of her family friend, Judit, for using her self defense training and putting her own safety on the line to try to prevent James from further injury. 

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James allegedly was struck by the rear window glass, meanwhile Judit was assaulted by the man after he threw an object at her. 

"The attack was incredibly violent and my 4 year old son was obviously the target of the individual's brutal attack, which is terrifying," Jaime said in her post. 

"... I want to believe that we live in a world where human integrity comes before documenting an attack, I'm saddened that the paparazzi chose to terrorize my son and I by shoving cameras in our face during an attack, whilst he was shaking and crying instead of trying to help." 

The man, Paul Floyd of Los Angeles, was arrested and subsequently charged for felony child endangerment, misdemeanor battery and two counts of felony vandalism. 

"The four-year old child was secured in a child car seat positioned in the back seat of the vehicle as the suspect jumped on the rear windshield causing glass to shatter and strike the child," the police report said.

Living the milkshake life 💯 #jamesknight

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"In an effort to protect the child, the female driver exited the vehicle and confronted the suspect at which time he threw a can at her, striking her arm."

Jaime King is an actress known for White Chicks, Hart Of Dixie, Pearl Harbor, Sin City, Cheaper By The Dozen 2 among others. 

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