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Jamie Lee Curtis Opens Up About Harassment Of Eliza Dushku

With power comes great responsibility. 

Jamie Lee Curtis was very aware that as an adult on a movie set surrounded by children and adolescents that she had a role to play away from the camera. 

For in the entertainment industry, she articulates, children are surrounded by adults, expected to partake in an adult business, and act and work alongside those with much more experience - in acting and in life. 

So when one of Jamie's on-screen 'children', Eliza Dushku, opened up about a story of sexual harassment on set as a 12 year old, it hit the 59-year-old hard. 

"We have all started to awaken to the fact that the terrible abuses now commonplace in daily news reports have been going on for a very long time," Curtis penned in an op ed in The Huffington Post. 

"Unconscionably, those reports frequently come along with claims by the perpetrators that, as adults, those perpetrated against had some part in it.

"Eliza’s story has now awakened us from our denial slumber to a new, horrific reality. The abuse of children."

Dushku was 12 years old when she was allegedly abused by the stunt coordinator from True Lies. 

The stunt coordinator, Joel Kramer, allegedly lured Dushku to a hotel room, stripped off and sexually molested her. 

"I remember what I was wearing (my favorite white denim shorts, thankfully, secured enough for me to keep on)," Dushku's Facebook post read.

"I remember how he laid me down on the bed, wrapped me with his gigantic writhing body, and rubbed all over me. He spoke these words: 'You’re not going to sleep on me now sweetie, stop pretending you’re sleeping,' as he rubbed harder and faster against my catatonic body.

"When he was ‘finished’, he suggested, 'I think we should be careful…,' [about telling anyone] he meant. I was 12, he was 36."

Dushku reportedly shared her harrowing experience with Jamie just a few years ago. 

"She had shared that story with me privately a few years ago. I was shocked and saddened then and still am today," Curtis said. 

"What compounds the difficulty here is that the stunt coordinator in question was literally in charge of our lives, our safety," he said. 

"Stunts always require an enormous amount of trust and on that movie in particular we all were often suspended by wires and harnesses, very high in the air.

"In my case, I was suspended under a helicopter by a wire, holding onto the hand of the man who is now being accused of abuse.

"I hope today that what can come from all of these exposures are new guidelines and safe spaces for people ― regardless of age, gender, race or job ― to share their concerns and truths and that all abusers will be held accountable."

While Kramer has vehemently denied all of Eliza's claims, but Dushku is standing by her word. 

However two more women have since come forward accusing the man of misconduct and he has since been let go by his talent agency after the allegations. 

H/T: Huffington Post

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