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Jennifer Aniston’s Hubby Speaks Out About Brangelina’s Split

Ever since we had word of Brad and Angelina’s split, the world has been waiting with baited breath for Jennifer Aniston to give even so much as a a side smile - but still, nothing…

However, it’s Jen’s hubby Justin Theroux that has spoken out.

Business Insider blessed the world with the first-ever interview of Justin Theroux commenting on the ‘Brangelina’ divorce.

While there definitely wasn’t any fuel added to any fires, Justin was sure to offer some nice words about Brad and Ange’s split.

“As a child of divorce all I can say is that’s terrible news for those children and that’s all you can really say. It’s boring to sort of comment on anything else. People are having a bad time, that’s horrible.”

The comment comes after the New York Post released an imagined photo of Jennifer Aniston’s reaction to Brad and Angelina’s split showing Jennifer Aniston laughing with glee.

Justin says that throwing his wife into the mix is “nonsense” considering what’s happening outside of Hollywood. “There’s an endless appetite for trash, apparently, though everyone would say that they don’t have that appetite,” he tells Business Insider.

“But I think a lot of people do because people buy it. But there are bigger things to bitch about. It’s shocking how much bandwidth things can take up when there are far more important things going on in the world.”

Source: Cosmopolitan

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