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Karl Stefanovic’s Best Moments On The Today Show

After spending nearly 15-years at the helm of The Today Show on Channel Nine, Karl Stefanovic will always be remembered for not only his incredible journalistic skills but also for his larrikin behaviour and incredibly captivating persona.

We think his former colleague and friend, entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, said it best this morning on the breakfast show as he addressed Karl’s shock departure.

“He is a fantastic, intuitive and intelligent journalist. I describe him as an intoxicating mix of world’s best broadcaster and naughty schoolboy,” Wilkins said.

Yesterday, news broke that Karl and Nine Network had decided that it was time for him to step away from The Today Show, which he co-hosted with Georgie Gardner.

“Nine and Karl Stefanovic have agreed it is time for him to step off the Today Show. Kale remains on contract with the network and will continue to host This Time Next Year, which records in February,” read a statement from news director Darren Wick.

Over his time behind the desk on the program, Karl has delivered both heartbreaking and heart warming stories, tons of laughs and moments that will live on in television history for years to come.

Today, as fans of Stefanovic come to terms with his shock departure, we look back over some of his best moments during his time on The Today Show.

There Were The Hilarious Moments That Still Make Us Laugh Today

Jennifer Hawkins joined Karl and Lisa on the today show and she gave Karl a spray tan. But instead of coming out golden brown, Karl looked more like Ross from Friends 


The time he tried to tell the Dalai Lama a joke but things got just a bit lost in translation...

Karl and Lisa tried to play an innocent game of curling on Nintendo WII. Call us dirty minded but man they really didn't think this one through. 

And who could forget the time that Karl hosted The Today Show the morning after the Logies. Big night Karl? 

There Was That Time That He Wore The Exact Same Suit For An Entire Year To Combat Sexism

We have one word for this. EPIC!

Karl wore the exact same blue suit on the show every morning for an entire year to prove a point about sexism. And literally NO ONE NOTICED!

Encounters With Animals

Karl absolutely lost it when he had to interview Angry Cat.

That time a fishing segment went wrong... Oh so terribly wrong! (Wait until the end)

And Of Course, Tons More Laughs

Karl wants to know what "long stabby thing" you keep in your bedroom...

That time Karl was tricked by Ben Fordham into eating the World's Hottest Pie and almost died!

That time that Lisa said she could grow a beard because it's in her genes...but Karl heard something a little different.

And sometimes even just Karl's expressions were enough to leave us in stitches. You only see his face for a few seconds during what was described as the most Aussie interview ever, but trust us, it's worth a watch. 

Thanks for the past 14 years Karl! We’ll miss you mate!

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