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Kerri-Anne Opens Up About Husband's Accident In TV-Tell All

Kerri-Anne Kennerley has spoken for the first about the tragic accident that has left her husband John with severe spinal cord damage.

In Channel 7's Sunday Night program, KAK speaks to Mike Willesee about the freak accident that occurred at a golf resort near Coffs Harbour in March.

One month on and John is in a stable condition at Royal North Shore Hospital where he is unable to breath or eat without assistance.


Kerri-Anne reveals her 75 year old husband has pledged that he will recover.

“He said, ‘the only reason I’m trying is for you,’” she says.

“It happened so fast. All he could say is ‘I can’t feel anything, I can’t feel anything.’

“I sort of wake up every day thinking, ‘what a shocker, nightmare that was...it unfortunately is not a nightmare.”

Via Daily Telegraph

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