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Kylie Minogue Forced To Call Police After Terrifying Ordeal

Kylie Minogue had to call the police after a stalker laid siege outsider her home.

Worried neighbours have said that stalker had been following the pop star for weeks.

A source relocated that Kylie, 50, was ‘very shaken’ after last weeks ordeal in London.

One neighbour said that he had appeared to have launched a ‘sustained campaign’ against the singer, The Sun reports.

He went on: “It came to a head when the man repeatedly pressed the intercom button to her home for hours on end last week and refused to leave.

“Kylie was quite upset and called in police. They spoke to Kylie, and also the suspect in the street for quite a while.”

A female neighbour said neighbours had warned Kylie about him last month after he was spotted lingering in the street.

She said: “A weirdo guy was lurking around. He went door to door asking people where Kylie lived.

“I don’t think anybody alerted the police but we gave her a heads-up because it wasn’t normal behaviour.”

In a statement, UK police said: “Both parties were spoken to and the matter was dealt with by the man being issued with a first-instance harassment warning.”

Kylie is currently in a relationship with GQ magazine creative director Paul Solomons.

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