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Lisa Oldfield Was Involved In ANOTHER Plane Argument

Outspoken Lisa Oldfield has landed in the jungle, but not without another plane related controversy before she got there.

Back in 2016, the Real Housewives Of Sydney star was involved in a very public instagram snafoo, where she publicly shamed a fellow first class passenger over her weight after the woman complained about her during a flight to Hawaii.

This time, Lisa had a fight with a woman at the airport in Sydney on the way to Johannesburg.

"We had to catch this bus from the terminal to the plane and we were sitting on the tarmac for twenty minutes," Lisa told 973FM's Bianca, Terry and Bob. "She was sitting on this comfy seat and I was standing with all my bags and then when they opened the doors to let us off, she charged passed me even though I was at the door.

"I had my handbag with me, so I belted her with it and said 'sit down, don't be so rude'."

Lisa then admitted that her husband, who is never left unscathed, said to her: "I thought you were trying to be more assertive and less aggressive..."

Lol, Lisa Oldfield? NEVER!

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