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Lisa Wilkinson's Heartbreaking Admission About Motherhood

“The road to motherhood for women in their 40s is overwhelmingly littered with broken dreams and 'I'll get to it later' regrets.” – Lisa Wilkinson

The Today Show host made the heartbreaking admission this week through a column in the Huffington Post.

Wilkinson’s opened up in the candid spiel about her personal struggles to conceive and carry a pregnancy full term in her 40s.

While she’s blessed with three healthy children that she had in her 30s, Lisa and her husband Peter FitzSimons wanted to grow their brood.

Instead the pair were met with heartbreak.

On her 40th birthday she found out she was indeed pregnant. But their joy was brief.

“At 11 weeks I started to bleed. An ultrasound confirmed the worst,” Lisa wrote in the Huffington Post.

“That tiny little person I could see on the monitor wasn't moving. There was no heartbeat.

“The silence that sat in the air while we waited... and waited... as the nurse kept adjusting the jelly covered wand looking for signs of life was deafening.

“Maybe I was breathing too loudly in this tiny little darkened room, so I stopped, and waited some more.

“’I'm so sorry,’ she finally said.

“That precious little baby I was so looking forward to meeting hadn't made it past eight weeks. “Nothing prepared me for the sadness to come -- and frankly, it haunts me still.”

One setback wasn’t going to ruin their plans of bringing another life into the world, however, and six months later they began to try again.

But within almost the exact same timeline, they were met with the same deafening heartbreak.

And in another six months, again, Lisa miscarried.

“As my gynecologist gently told us, it was nature's way of saying my eggs were just too old,” she said.

“An incredibly confronting moment for any woman.”

Why did Lisa Wilkinson bravely share such personal grief with the world?

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She wanted to make sure that no woman, no couple felt alone during that time.

And, ultimately, despite modern medicine, you cannot be guaranteed a healthy pregnancy at any age, let alone in your 40s.

The topic crept into the spotlight when fashion phenomenon Camilla Franks spoke of her joy when she fell pregnant, aged 41.

Her ability to conceive naturally at that age prompted her to become an advocate for older mums. But in the meantime, some of her message could also be misleading to those like Lisa who may not be so lucky.

“A couple of years ago I went through so many different tests and got told I needed to do IVF and spent thousands of dollars all from fear of what I was being told,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“I went to all these meetings and appointments all driven from complete fear that I couldn't have a child. I think we need to take the fear out of it.                   

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“It was the wrong advice and it wasn’t fair and it wasn’t true and I was told I had to potentially go down the path of IVF and it was absolute BS.

“So I think, take a lot of it with a grain of salt.”   

Lisa Wilkinson’s argument is that while Camilla is blessed to have fallen pregnant naturally in her 40s, she shouldn’t discourage women from seeking medical advice and help when trying to fall pregnant later in life.

We wish nothing but the best for both women and their motherhood journey.    

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